Analytics: a bunch of useless data

Analytics: a bunch of useless data

Real time online data

(No it’s not the NSA, it’s my Google analytics in real time)

[This is a sneak peek at my article on analytics for ASMP’s ‘Strictly Business’ blog. The full article will be published on Thursday.]

It’s December 27th, 2014 and I got to admit that it’s a little freaky that I know there is a guy in Cambell, CA just down the street from Cupertino, who starts watching my documentary “On Wings of Hope” at a little after 7pm EST. There are also seven more readers on my blog as I’m writing this. 4 of them are on page two of my latest post “How to save $1000 bucks on baggage fees” and during the last minute, three more just started to reading the post.

The click in Cambell is made on a desktop computer this Saturday evening at 7:03 pm and 58 seconds. That’s less than 10 seconds ago and he (I’m assuming it’s a he – that I really don’t know) found the link to my video in a comment I made on PPA’s website in the section they call the Loop. 3 of the other users are on mobile devices, 2 are on a desktop and the rest are reading my blog on their tablets. 1 of those users is in Texas, the other in Gonzales, LA and the guy from Brazil won’t start reading the post for another 13 minutes. (Watch a GIF of my real time analytics on the next page). 

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