The Blog is Dead! Long Live the Blog! 

 October 21, 2014

By  Pascal Depuhl

Don’t blog.

248 million blogs not to mention 271 million active Twitter accounts tweeting half a billion times a day. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, those numbers seem insurmountable, the competition unbeatable. Is there even anyone who is going to be interested in what you have to say? So, I’ll agree with blogging expert Rick Tuttle (@ricktuttle), when he says “Don’t blog, just put a webpage up with a phone number and a picture of yourself. And that’s it.

For heavens sake Do blog!

Don’t blog. Blogging is so Web 2.0! Or is it? Spend 4½ minutes with an expert on blogging and see for yourself …

Check out more about blogging on Strictly Business, the blog of the American Society of Media photographers: The Blog is Dead! Long Live the Blog!. Oh, and the links to all the blog posts shown in the video, are just below the fold (in case something struck you fancy).[nextpage title=”next page”]

In case the blog posts in the video looked interesting, here are the links to them, if they did, I’d love to hear which one was interesting and why …

Traveling with gear? 7 tips to keep it working on the road.

How to turn a white set for a product photograph black in 3 seconds.

How to get hired for a video shoot in 43 minutes on facebook.

Find your audience: a roadmap

How to pick your next project (Guest post on Nino Leitner’s blog)

Dream Big: Nightmare or Dream job?

How to change 100 minds in 15 minutes.

All of this week we’ll look at blogging. How you get started, what you should write about, how to promote your blog and I’ll share a recent case study in how my blog got me a new client. Come back tomorrow, we’re gonna talk about “How to write an effective blog.” The first post in this series on blogging is Why creative professionals should(n’t) blog! Check it out …

  • Wow – blogging sure has become mainstream and everywhere. If you’re passionate about your blog niche or subject, that’s reason enough to post something. “If you build it, they will come,” may not exactly pertain in the same way but if you keep posting what you truly enjoy, surely traffic will come of it.

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