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Cutting edge: How to find your audience

Find your audience by being on the cutting edge

Find your audience: Stay on the cutting edge!

Photographer and social media expert Rosh Sillars says that “the most important person to know about you today is Google.” Search engines still can’t see images, so they rely on what you yourself and others are saying about your business. The more people talk, tweet, like, repeat and link to your content, the greater the chance of Google listing you on the first page of a search. So you spend time, effort and money on a great website, engaging blog posts, a solid social media presence. Great. Imagine your dream client finds you online, loves your site and wants to book you. Google calls this the moment of relevance, when your  top of mind of your potential client. Here’s the real question: “How long does it take you to respond to that initial online contact?” Is your phone number on your site? Is it easy to find? Do you answer the phone when you’re shooting? If your a big operation, you have sales people, reps, … doing this work for you – however if you’re a one person shop like I am, you don’t have the luxury of your own staff.

How long would you wait for a call back …

Ask yourself this question: Do you really think you are the only photographer, whom your dream client has contacted and is now waiting patiently for you to take your sweet time to get back to them? Think again. On the flip side, how do you think …

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