Miami's food (CreativeMornings/Miami tumblr blog takeover)

Miami’s food

CreativeMornings/Miami food

Miami’s food

If you’ve never heard of Knaus Berry Farm, you’ve been living under a rock – or maybe you just don’t like Cinammon Rolls.

The family farm, run by my friends Tom and Susan (and her sister and her husband), has been around for decades and is open from November to mid-April. It’s a popular place and the cinammon rolls, that Tom gets up very early every morning to bake, are worth standing in line for (…)

(This week I get to take over CreativeMornings/Miami’s tumblr blog. I’ll share some of my favorite places and people, who make Miami an awesome place to live. Check it out. Read the rest of this post on tumblr)

The Blogger Union has partnered with CreativeMornings/Miami for a collaborative storytelling marathon. Tune in to read the story of our city told by local creatives, bloggers and entrepreneurs. Each week, a different member of CreativeMornings will take over to post what inspires them about South Florida. Do yo want to take over the CreativeMornings/Miami blog and share your take on our community? Email Paola at info@thebloggerunion and we’ll get working on it!

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