Miami’s future 

 August 25, 2016

By  Pascal Depuhl

Miami’s future

If you want to be blown away by some young talent in Miami check out the Taste of Design at DASH – the Design and Architecture Senior High School in the Design district. Ranked the #2 high school in Florida (#20 in the nation according to US News) this school crafts young artists into unbelievable creative powerhouses in architecture, fashion design, film, graphic design, and industrial Design.

One of my daughter's artworks she created while studying at DASH.
Ink drawing by Raphaelle Depuhl (DASH class of 2016)

The art these kids put out is nothing less than inspiring and the spirit of collaboration and cooperation is jaw dropping. It’s not the easiest magnet school to get into (you’ll need a killer portfolio) and the admissions process is made up out of a live drawing audition, a review of said portfolio and an interview of the student (…)

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