A case for good relationships 

 November 19, 2008

By  Pascal Depuhl

So here I am last Thursday shooting a swimwear catalog. Its a beautiful day in South Florida and we’re pulling up to the same location that we have shot this book twice before – no need to scout it, we’re good to go, everyone is unpacking product, props, food, equipment – when the Art Director comes to me: ‘We have a bit of an emergency!’

There is no water in the pool. (And we’re shooting swimwear!) This is not the way a shoot is supposed to begin, on top of that, on this shoot I am hired as the photographer only – not the producer – still it’s my head ache, since you can’t shoot swim wear, with out anything to swim in.

I make a quick call (at 7am) to the owners of the location that had been booked for the 2nd day. This is a location I had suggested to the client and fortunately I have a great relationship with the owners. 

30 min later (and driving across the county with the crew after every one packed up again) we’re pulling into a location with a pool filled with water.

 It’s the little things in life that make you happy; and the personal relationships that make them work. Thanks Joe and Mary – you saved our butts!

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Pascal Depuhl

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