That’s the way – ah ha ah ha – it’s supposed to be! 

 November 22, 2008

By  Pascal Depuhl

 I just shot for Polywood, a company that makes Patio Furniture out of recycled plastics. We produced this job inside of a week, receiving merchandise and assembling it off site, loading it and driving the Outdoor furniture to the shoot location. With an early call time (sunrise) and an awesome team in place, shooting nice product on a beautiful location on a gorgeous South Florida day (70º and not a cloud in the sky) – this is the way location photography is supposed to be. Every shot was pre- planned, with computer renderings of all items that made up a grouping (Thanks so much for all that preliminary work B.) 

Polywoods conversation group, that we shot for publication on Costco's website.
Polywoods conversation group, that we shot for on one of Polywood's clients website.

Since everything was pre- assembled (Thanks to Victor and E. – great job guys) it was a breeze to place the groupings on location. Simon and Kornell, my assistants, did a tremendous job in keeping track and executing the  technical aspects of my photography. Also thanks to my stylist Melanie, who effortlessly propped all the shots to exactly what the client had imagined. 

All in all a great shoot. Everything was post produced yesterday, with images uploaded for client review and low resolution.

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Pascal Depuhl

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