A photographers vision is ‘selbstverständlich’ 

 March 18, 2015

By  Pascal Depuhl

People often assume photographers have this vision thing down. After all, we’re in the business of creating visual content designed to inspire, change minds or impact attitudes. Vision is one of those uniquely personal experiences. Your vision is just ‘selbstverständlich” as we say in German. (Sorry, but there’s no really good translation for this word. Literally translated it means: [nextpage title=”find out what selbstvertsändlich means”]
“understandable on its own.”) Your vision just goes without saying (the official translation). You know your vision when you see it. You just get it. It’s a part of you, but if you had to explain it to others you’d be hard-pressed.

Your vision
Your vision is your North Star, your guiding light. That internal beacon that draws you to do what you do. However …

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Pascal Depuhl

Miami product photographer, video producer, cinematographer and chief mindchanger at Photography by Depuhl I love to share the knowledge I've gained over the past two decades. Catching light in motion.