External hard drive: How safe are they? 

 March 22, 2015

By  Pascal Depuhl

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Can your external hard drive to that?



There are two types of computer users: those who’ve had a Hard Drive (HD) fail and those who will. We all know that data is fragile and if your job is at a desk, that’s fairly easy to mitigate with backups, RAIDs, ect. and I’m not going to write another post about how to backup your data – there’s a million of those out there – safe to say that data is the most vulnerable if it hasn’t been backed up.

How’s the armor on your External Hard Drives?

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I routinely find myself at 10,000 feet at 25º below zero when I’m filming or if it’s not that I’m traveling up the amazon river for 16 hours to get to my location. How on earth can I keep my invaluable data safe in those conditions? Currently I’m writing and filming a case study on why I trust my data to my ioSafe drives in the field (and nothing else). Check back here in a few days for some more details, but these drives are amazing…

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