Contest: Best Movie Quote for “On Wings of Hope” 

 April 10, 2014

By  Pascal Depuhl

Win a signed DVD and movie poster

Let’s have some fun! You can win an autographed “On Wings of Hope” DVD and movie poster, just for playing!

On Wings of Hope movie poster
On Wings of Hope movie poster

Here’s how to play

It’s easy:

1) Watch the movie at www.OnWingsOfHopeFilm.com

2) Jot down a comment containing a cool quote about the movie, right there in the comment section.

3) Share the contest with your friends on Twitter or Facebook about your post include the #OnWingsQuote and bit.ly/OWOHQuote.

That’s it! You can watch for your quote on this page – and you’ll be able to vote which one you like best!

I’ll post the best ones on this page and we’ll start voting on the favorite ones!

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