Elections in Afghanistan close with minimum disruptions 

 April 5, 2014

By  Pascal Depuhl

Elections in Afghanistan

Election is Afghanistan were held for the time in afghan history today and from what it looks like so far, it’s been a relatively peaceful event. Although I believe that it is unlikely, one of the 8 Afghans running will win a majority of the votes in today’s election, I’m proud and thankful of my afghan friends. Unless this majority is won in today’s round of elections in Afghanistan, there will be a run off election in Afghanistan in 6 weeks.

According to sources familiar with the security situation in Afghanistan, in the last few weeks the Taliban had stepped up its attacks by a factor of 5 and will continue their attacks and intimidations, should a second round of votes be held. Some of my friends have been in very close proximity to attacks, which had been designed to derail the elections in Afghanistan and fortunately none of them where hurt.

Pascal shows off his blue finger tip, proud of all his afghan friends that voted in the election in Afghanistan today! I’m looking forward to see this central asian country grow and I trust free and fair elections in Afghanistan turn out to be some of the first steps of the Afghans to freedom and liberty. I’m thankful that Afghans were able to go out and elect their own leaders and hope and pray, that this first ever transition of power from one elected official to another will go smoothly and not be plagued by corruption, manipulation or severe attacks and fear.


If you want to see a different side of Afghanistan, one that is rarely if ever covered in the media, unless there are elections in Afghanistan, I want to invite you to watch “On Wings of Hope“. The short documentary film will premiere at the Palm Beach International Film Festival tomorrow, Sunday April 6th at noon and although the screening has been sold out, you can still win two tickets to the movie and lunch with the filmmaker – check out the righthand side column or click here for all the rules of our Free Ticket Giveaway.

On Wings of Hope movie poster
On Wings of Hope movie poster

Here’s a short synopsis of the story: A young boy is injured, when a motor cycle hits him, cracking open his head. Cut off from all help, by snowed in mountain passes, the”crew of Pactec, the only humanitarian flight service in Afghanistan, prepares a plane that can land on the snowy airstrip to medevac the boy. Pascal Depuhl’s documentary follows the pilots and support staff, as they serve the people of Afghanistan by providing air support for over 200 NGO’s.


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