Building a network: let others do the heavy lifting 

 August 27, 2014

By  Pascal Depuhl

Yesterday we said we need to forget about ourselves when building a network and I promised you a list of ways I’ve done this …

• bought a guy on twitter breakfast – gained access to their 125,000 twitter followers

• made a new friend in church – was asked to speak at a national blogging conference

• produced a 1 minute video for free – build a relationship with a film gear manufacturer

liked a companies Facebook page – was hired to shoot a 5 figure video job

• invited a friend to a private screening – got to give a TEDx talk

• filmed a documentary pro bono – sold footage to National Geographic and the BBC

Building a network: let others do the heavy lifting

This list goes on and on. and I bet you see that the actions on the left are relatively small, compared to the results on the right. Plus these results are exponential and ongoing, if you care for the others in your network:

• the access to twitter followers led to producing video workshops for one of the top filmmakers in the world

• the blogging conference led to a brand new audience

• the relationship with the film gear manufacturer led to their sponsorship of my move2motion workshops

• the like on Facebook has turned into one of my best clients (for video and still work)

• the TEDx talk let to my most recent client saying that they hired me to photograph for them, because they liked who I was

• the documentary has won awards, been screened at film festivals, became my signature motion project

Building a network can take you places you did not expect.


Where does a list like this one get you, when building a network. Wanna find out what opportunities it turned into for me when building a network? Check back tomorrow.

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