Dream Big: Desire 

 February 17, 2014

By  Pascal Depuhl

First of all you need a dream. An aspiration. And a desire to make that dream happen. So here’s …

Step 1: Desire

Listen to your heart – ’cause you’ll need it’s burning passion.


Listen: Take time to be quiet, so you can hear yourself think. And when it’s finally quiet enough and you do hear that still, small, faint voice:

Don’t ignore it.

Don’t snuff it out.

Don’t shut it down.

For me this took time. But when I finally was quiet enough to listen, I heard:  “You should do more, than just make money with this new video thing. How about you ask …

… Daniel, if Pactec needs a video?”

Daniel’s a friend of mine from college, who flies relief work for a company called Pactec in Afghanistan. I told myself: “You’re wrong, I bet they have no need for a video”, but more on that later.


… listen to your heart: Your passion is often going to be the only thing you have going for you.

So make sure the project you pick, lines up with

something that you strongly believe in,

something that really gets you going and

something that helps others,

because (believe me) you’re gonna need all the help you can get and if it’s a self centered project, your gonna be the only voice in your head and that’s not gonna be enough to get you through,

when the obstacles seem insurmountable,

when the others are saying it can’t be done,

when your dream seems so far out of reach and

when the only answer you’re hearing is ‘No!’ over and over and over.


Steve Job said that “if you don’t have a passion for what you do, any rational person is just gonna give up.


You better have a dream, that you’re in love with.

a passion that fuels you

and a vision, that’s crystal clear.


It better be a project that’s dear to your heart, which makes all

the problems you will face,

the sacrifices you’re gonna make,

the obstacles you’ll have to overcome and

the disappointments you’ll need to get over


A goal, that makes all the


sweat and

tears worthwhile.


If your dream is big enough you’re gonna find yourself

going against the status quo anyway,

swimming upstream,

fighting an uphill battle.


But if your dreams too small,

if your project is something you don’t really care about,

you – will – fail

’cause in the end,

it just won’t be worth it for you to deal with all the heartache

dreaming an impossible dream brings with itself.


Especially in the beginning it’s a lonely road.


When the rubber finally does meet that road,

you are going to loose sleep,

you’re going to question your own sanity,

sometimes you are even going to wish you hadn’t committed to the dream.


Worse than that, until your dream becomes reality,

you’ll always risk that failure –

stunning failure if the dream was big enough.

The bigger of a dream you’re dreaming the more likely it is that you will fail (that’s just a fact).

What you really need is faith. Faith is defined as “being sure of the things you hope for and to be certain of the things you cannot see”. Finally you need to put feet to your dreams, by going out and doing something about them.


There is an afghan proverb that goes like this:

Your aspirations are in heaven, but your brains are in your feet.


In other words: get your head out of the clouds;

And since you’re bitting off more than you should be able to chew,

you’re gonna need to get off you butt,

put your nose to the grindstone,

roll up your sleeves,

get your hands dirty,

and get busy.


(You know, that whole “every journey starts with the first step” thing.)


You’re wrong, if you think that living your dream just gonna happen by itself. 

You’re wrong, if you think that, others will just hand you an  opportunity, to fulfill your dream, on a silver platter.

You need to find that desire, you need to ignite your passion and you need to work hard to make this happen. You need to have faith in your vision. 


This post is the 2nd in a series of blog post that came out of a talk I gave titled “You’re wrong!” at the “Dream Bigger Conference” in February of 2014. Wanna read the introduction to the “Dream Bigger” series?

  • People have a rough time getting past this. Especially when they’ve worked full time for a company before. It’s that security blanket of a steady paycheck.

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