FAA bans paper airplanes (and your drone)! 

 November 20, 2014

By  Pascal Depuhl

FAA to regulate paper airplanes

Earlier this week an National Transportation Safety Board appeals board granted the FAA extremely wide latitude in regulating pretty much everything that flies, including paper airplanes and drones. Forbes reports the NTSB ruling said “Federal Aviation Administration rules that apply to manned aircraft (also) apply to unmanned aircraft or drones” and he blog Motherboard reports that with “this decision, the NTSB has declared model aircraft, paper airplanes and even children’s toys to be ‘aircraft,’ subject to the same regulations as 747s …

Drones are now under FAA regulations

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) or drones have become affordable and easy to use in the last few years and give us an amazing view point of our world. Mashable celebrated some amazing drone images recently and it would be a shame to loose the ability to capture these images.

IMAGE: AMOS CHAPPLE Church in the coulds
Image used with permission: Amos Chapple

Forbes concludes it’s article saying “since there is no chance of FAA drone rules being published in the near future, it is now up to Congress to determine whether it wants every model aircraft regardless of size to be regulated by the FAA’s rules for manned aircraft.

It is already illegal to fly a drone in any national park and that prohibition may soon extend to drones (and paper airplanes) everywhere.

  • i think i will find whoever did this and follow them around trolling them. i will take a piece of paper saying “greetings faa. recently it has come to our attention that you have banned paper airplanes. yeah, good luck with that. for further assistance, please fill out this butthurt assessment form.” and i follow him around all day throwing paper airplanes at him till he rage quits, then i film it and put that on youtube. and i hope he tries to get me arrested. “yes, officer? this young man is throwing paper airplanes at me. please put him in prison for life? prolly get laughed out of office. or maybe i do get arrested and go to prison for it. then i guarantee there will be bloody revolution the next day. i mean what are ya gonna do? ban paper?

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