December 15, 2014

By  Pascal Depuhl

Learn from the past

2015 is rapidly approaching and it’s time to look back at 2014 and learn lessons from your mistakes and successes. I for one focused on building my audience. I did well. I’m well underway to tripling my twitter audience @photosbydepuhl, I’ve joined two more professional photography organizations, I’ve blogged as a regular contributor for a national blog, gave a TEDx talk, taught about video at WordCamp Miami, ect. Hurray for me.

My biggest mistake

But then I realized something tragic: I’ve been building the wrong audience. Now please don’t get me wrong – since as you’re reading this you are my audience – I love you all and will continue to produce content that focuses on photographers and filmmakers. That’s still very important to me personally.

Next year I’ll do better

BUT next year, I am going to start going after a whole new audience: my clients. Sure, I’ve stumbled across a few here. Like the Yacht building company that I create videos for; or the watch makers that loved the way I presented myself online. BUT they are in the minority. Sure we’ve all been on social media for a while now – I’ve been on LinkedIn for over 10 years now – but whom are you marketing to? Do you even know? Have you taken the time to think about it?

For this past year I have been considering this – I just reread my article on how two words blew up my twitter feed and a year ago I said this: “I’d rather get my content in front of that one decision maker, who ends up hiring me, than in front of 25,000 people that think it’s cute, clever or commendable.” So you ask, how did you do that? Well – to be honest – I didn’t or at least it was less hit and more miss.

Fragile successes

I did begin discovering a few places where my clients live online and had some small successes interacting with them. I just see that I have a very long way to go. And it’s gonna be tough to remember this come March or September of 2015, when the business is humming along and I’m in some remote crazy location filming my next project that rivals my first documentary “On Wings of Hope“.


So I’ll need help. I need held determining what my clients read online, what type of content they spend reading or watching and where they do this. More importantly I need help constantly refocusing on which audience is important to me. eMyth has a going contest called #HoldMeToIt – you should check it out. You can win 6 months of free business coaching.

2015 plan

For 2015 I’ve decided to focus on creating content for those people, who actually hire me to produce stunning visual content. Come join me and

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  • Hi Pascal,

    I just came across your post on PPA which I hardly ever look at, and was so inspired by your movie “On Wings Of Hope”. I am a pretty new Professional photographer still trying to find my niche and passion as well as trying to make some income through my photography. I don’t think it was by accident that I came across your post….Thank you.

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