How to turn Facebook friends into clients 

 March 23, 2015

By  Pascal Depuhl

Facebook is a great resource when it comes to referrals. Pascal Depuhl and Rosh Sillars explains how these virtual relationships can be turned into new customers at #Switch2Social.  “Facebook lets us see that mutual relationship (…) giving the art director the confidence, because our friend is vouching for us; and there’s the job.” says Pascal. [nextpage title=”Check out more videos!”]

Pascal Depuhl shows how a mutual Facebook friend can vouch for you, giving a new client the confidence to hire you at #Switch2Social. By the way you can check out the earlier videos from our Social Media event by subscribing here:

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Pascal Depuhl

Miami product photographer, video producer, cinematographer and chief mindchanger at Photography by Depuhl I love to share the knowledge I've gained over the past two decades. Catching light in motion.