It sounded like hell! 

 March 3, 2010

By  Pascal Depuhl

35 string players tuning their instruments in the sound recording studio of ‘The Hit Factory’ last Monday. To my untrained ears utter chaos – I was happy when the sound engineer muted the noise coming into the control room. But minutes later, as Emmy award winning producer Julio Reyes took the podium the music coming out of the speakers was divine.

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A friend had asked me to fill in to shoot this session for Julio and I was delighted to do so – although the studio presents numerous challenges to getting nice photos – mood lighting in the control room, the studio is not lit for photography (it’s pretty dark) with no windows … I were able to shoot during the rehearsal times when the digital track was not being laid down.

Julio Reyes string recording session for Mark Anthony’s new album – Images by Pascal Depuhl

I ended up shooting close to 700 images and just upload my 50 favorites to Julio – via my photoshelter driven website. I had a great time capturing the energy and sound of this session and look forward to shooting with Julio and his friends again.

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