How you can help Haiti via Social Media – NOW. 

 January 20, 2010

By  Pascal Depuhl

If you read my blog, you know that I photographed Katleen Felix, a project manager for Fonkoze this past Monday for the canadian financial publication ‘Journal Les Affaires‘. Fonkoze is an organization that has been providing micro loans to Haiti for years now. They have the extremely reliable information, because of their network in Haiti. I personaly know and trust Mrs. Felix. She just posted the following on facebook:

“There are an empty Hospital at Milot in Cap Haitien hospital 75 miles from Port-Au-Prince, ready to treat quake victims! Media or people in need, please contact Tim 413-241-6526  or ttraynor1948@gmail.com. They have food,housing, full staffed trauma unit, and so far, only 4 victims to treat.”

The local people of Haiti have been using social media to get messages back to loved one saying that they are ok, texting their exact  location in the rubble, so that rescuers can find them.

Now you can use your Twitter stream, Facebook and LinkedIn status to share this message with the people in need in Haiti. Your post has a good chance of being read by someone who needs this info!


Click here for the original post from Mrs. Felix on facebook and check out (and donate) to fonkoze on their website. They are a charity that is accredited by the better business bureau.

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  • there is 26 pallets of water here in Montreal..we arew trying to find transport from Mtl to Miami and then a boat from Miami to Haiti. Is there any way you can help?

    This is the people I am speaking on behalf of.They are in direct contact with haiti by Skype.

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