Lighting is easy, but not simple 

 April 29, 2014

By  Pascal Depuhl

… I mean honestly – how many of us even own a light meter, much less use one? (I won’t even ask you about color meters). And why should you use these tools? …

Lighting is learned by ignoring color!

Lighting isn't limited to one set of lights, or even a family of light sources. Light creates a photograph and a photographer must understand lighting.

… Want to learn – really learn – to light?  Go find that old film camera. If you don’t own one, you can pick one up for cheap on eBay. Get some black and white film …

Digital photography allows you to try it out (still or motion) different setups without costing you a dime in film, processing, prints, polaroids.  Experiment, play, mix light sources, learn about gels and filters (they have a lot to do with lighting) – you’d be surprised what a red filter does to a black and white image – or go shadow a more experienced photographer.

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