My TED talk: 3 ingredients every effective story needs: 

 May 2, 2014

By  Pascal Depuhl

Pascal Depuhl gives a TED talk  titled "The Art of Changing Minds."

Find out what it takes to create stories, that change our minds! Join me at my TEDx Boca Raton talk on May 9th. I’ll give a TED talk about “The Art of Changing Minds!

Here’s the essence of my TED talk:

“A ▅▅▅▅ ▅▅▅, brought to ▅▅,

can change 1,000 minds forever.*”

Film is a powerful story telling medium and we all have heard anecdotal tales of how a movie made you cry or a story you heard gave you goose bumps. I’ll take my documentary “On Wings of Hope” as a case study and show you how it changed 100 university students, minds .


The first person, that says "I was wrong" when I wear this shirt at the TEDx talk, wins a free DVD!

The words printed on the T-shirt, are the starting point of what students thought, when I asked them: “What do you think about Afghanistan”, before they watched the award winning short documentary film.

3 ingredients that make any story effective

In my TED talk I’ll tell you about the three key ingredients to tell a story that will change your audiences mind. None of them are expensive, hard to obtain or require years of training. All you need to do is …

*you'll have to listen to the TED talk to learn about the ingredients …
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Pascal Depuhl

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