Making your video. Better. 

 May 1, 2015

By  Pascal Depuhl

Making your Video.

It’s really not that hard, especially today where everyone is jumping on the video band wagon. Facebook is favoring video content, Merrkat and Periscope are off the charts with live streaming video. YouTube is the second biggest search engine and if you think that it’s too late to get started, don’t fret – especially not, when you live in South Florida. I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Miami the end of this month about – you guessed it- Making your video. Actually about making your video. Better.

Making your video is something we all can get better at

Teaching 'Making your video. Better" at WordCamp Miami Doesn’t matter if your a nubie, who’s never posted a video ever (I’ll teach you how to use your phone) or a seasoned video blogger – you can learn how to step up you online videos. We’ll be talking about story, sound, visuals and putting it all together in the edit.

Check out the teaser video we’ve put together and see you at WordCamp Miami after the jump.

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#WCMIA teaser speaker video for Making your Video. Better.

Contest for “Making your video. Better.”

I’m running a giveaway for 2 tickets to WordCamp Miami. They are for the full weekend including their awesome T-Shirt. Stay tuned!

Quick bio:

Pascal is a seasoned visual content producer that utilizes video and photography to tell stories that change people’s minds. He’s helped teach filmmaking at Phillip Blooms Filmmaking Masterclasses in Las Vegas, Key West and Miami, teaches a workshop called Move2Motion for photographers that want to get into shooting video for their clients. He’s spoken about video at local colleges and universities, held a lighting talk about video at WordCamp Miami in 2014 and gave a TEDx talk about video called “the Art of Changing Minds.

Pascal creates video and photography for national brands such as Mars, SeaRay, Tyco, Goodyear, Grandin Road, … and many local South Florida based business LIV watches, King Jewelers, The Palms Hotel, …


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Pascal Depuhl

Miami product photographer, video producer, cinematographer and chief mindchanger at Photography by Depuhl I love to share the knowledge I've gained over the past two decades. Catching light in motion.