Marketing Hack #2: Write a guest blog post about how you created the job 

 April 27, 2015

By  Pascal Depuhl

Everybody loves a good story! Tell yours by going behind the scenes of your work – that can be some BTS shots of your set or a live Periscope of Meerkat video. In today’s Marketing Hacks I’ll show you how to get your story in front of new eyeballs.

Tell your story in a guest blog post!

Every blog lives on content and many would be thrilled to have you provide some for them, by publishing your guest blog post. It all starts with a relationship – which can be in real life or as simple as a few comments exchanged with the owner of a blog. Couple of things to keep in mind when approaching a blog with the request to guest blog for them:

  1. ViewFinder Screen shotHave a great story to tell. None of the following tips matter, if you’re gonna talk about a boring assignment or a dull experience. Make sure that you bring value to the people you wanna write for.
  2. Keep your target audience in mind. If you write a food blog, don’t expect an email from me asking you, if I could guest blog post for you, unless I just shot a terrific food shot. Pick the blogs you want to be published on with regard to what your audience reads.
  3. Think about their audience too. The people reading that food blog, will not be interested in my latest photography stories – unless I blog about how to photograph food. Find a good fit. There’s many ways to look at this, you can be as creative as you want.
  4. Show your previous work. It’s always easier to be able to say – I’d love to write a guest blog post for you and here is my blog (with terrific content that I wrote). Makes it a lot easier to say yes. Extra points, if you can throw in a few links to other blogs you’ve guest bogged for, especially if those are well known sites.
  5. Make your post special. I’ve created short videos that go with the blog posts, I’ve tied guest blog posts into events, I’ve helped the blogger I want to be posted on in some way. In the end it’s always going to be about the story.

Don’t be discouraged, when they don’t want your guest blog post.

“No.” Nobody like to hear that and to be honest, you will – especially, when you’re just starting on the guest blog post quest. See why they said no. Maybe you don’t fit their target market. Maybe your piece needs some help in how it’s written. Or maybe they are just in the middle of a series, where you’re post wouldn’t fit. Don’t give up – ask why they’re not gonna post it. (Remember the relationship part I started with?) Bloggers -for the most part- are [nextpage title=”next page”]

a helpful bunch and remember that everybody needs content. If you’re writing a guest blog post for my blog that means I don’t have to write one. Getting the chance to be introduced to a whole new group of readers does a few things:

  1. Guest blog posts introduce your work to a whole new group of people. I know I just said that, but this is one of the main reasons we’re writing guest blog posts. New eyeballs.
  2. Guest blog posts give you some street cred. Bloggers are gate keepers and by publishing you, they give your guest blog post their stamp of approval.
  3. Guest blog posts are great for SEO. Inbound links are still important in Google’s eyes. Posts on an industry leading blog, a blogger with a large following, a top rated equipment manufacturer, ect. all tell Google’s algorithm you are an expert in your field and that’s always good for your ranking.
  4. In short Guest blog posts get your name out there. People want to be part of something special. Let them be part of your excitement.

Even better yet, once you start building these relationships, people will come to you and ask them to write for them.

This Marketing Hack is valuable, because …

What’s the value of having another blogger post your story? Do you think his or her endorsement adds value to my brand in his readers or a Google searchers mind? You get to share your story. Just make it a good one.

The result:

I’ve been referred and hired based on my relationship with bloggers that I have guest blogged for, but the biggest benefit can’t really be measured. My brand is stronger, if it is endorsed by people who have klout in my target markets mind.


PS: Check out Marketing Hack #12: I’ll tell you about the benefits of being a regular contributor to high profile market leading blogs.

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