How to master social media: Read a book 

 March 4, 2014

By  Pascal Depuhl

Maybe a book is the last place you think to look, when it comes to mastering social media. That super fast ever changing thing we all use on line (or should be). Check out why I will use @garyvee ‘s book “Jab, jab, jab, right hook” #jjjrh as my social media #FightClub manual.

Master social media with #jjjrh!

Jab, jab, jab, right hook is going to be my #SocialMedia #FightClub manual to master social media. Bet you’re thinking: ‘In the ever changing landscape of Social Media, why would anyone want to read a book about it? Don’t those become outdated, before they’re even printed?”

Absolutely. However, I for one, will use Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Jab, Jab, Jab, right hook” as my fightclub manual for social media marketing in 2014. Gary (@GaryVee) teaches how to tell your story in a noisy social world, by creating native content for facebook, twitter, pintrest, instagram, tumblr.

He explains what the context of these social media platforms is, but more importantly he drives home the point, that our jabs, i.E. the free content, the helpful hints, the interactions with our followers … should far outweigh our right hooks, or sales pitches in social media. He gives dozens of individual examples of good and not so good content and deconstructs them for us, explaining why they’re great or how they could have done better. (He’s also written 2 other books on social media The Thank You Economy and Crush It).

If you’re going to get one only book on social media …

… get this one. Wanna read some more? Here are two more books to check out – one is a little older and one is not yet released:

The Linked Photographer’s Guide by Rosh Sillars (@RoshSillars), a regular contributor to Strictly Business, together with Lindsay Adler (@lindsayadler). Although it was published in 2010, it’s got great information – especially since it’s written for specifically for photographers, who (want to) use social media. BTW besides reading books, blogs, ect. a great way to master social media is to build relationships with people who have more experience than you do. I’ve been on Rosh’s podcast a few times, have written guest posts on his blog and because of our friendship have had the chance to run some questions regarding my social media efforts by him.

Social Media Design For dummies by Janine Warner (@janinewarner), a web design consultant and instructor on Creative Live, if you don’t know what Creative Live (@creativeLIVE) is, it’s another awesome learning resource started by another ASMP photographer, Chase Jarvis (@chasejarvis). Janine’s book will be published in early February 2014 – looking at how to design for social media by looking at good examples of social media pages.

Yes books become outdated – especially when they speak about a subject that changes as rapidly as social media, but they’re great resources to have and to be able to refer back to, especially on those days when you want to unplug from your over-connected world, grab a good book and read.

This article was first posted on ASMP’s ‘Strictly Business” blog: How to master social media: Read a book.

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