Must-have product #4 for your photo website: SalesForce 

 September 2, 2010

By  Pascal Depuhl

4. Knowing who you’re dealing with – managing your customer relationships: SalesForce

Special offer: watch for specials – I pay $9.- a month for this package. (http://www.salesforce.com) Service costs $25.- a month (30-day free trial)

Header of my SalesForce page

I have been using SalesForce since October 2008. The Group edition allows you to store unlimited contacts, track customer interactions, captures leads from your website, tracks sales opportunities and is smartphone accessible. SalesForce is the heart of my business online. They are incredibly serious about safeguarding your data in a state-of-the-art fashion, something immensely important to me. Their phone support is incredible too.

SalesForce is my day to day calendar and to-do list (synced to iCal on my computer and iPhone – this takes a little hack that you can read more about in my blog post: The ultimate in automation), it captures leads from my website’s contact form (and emails the person interested in my photography a thank you email and lets me know that I have a new lead), maintains a list of accounts, i.E. companies that I do business with, keeps an up to date address book with my client’s contact information (again synced to my mac and my phone every hour), helps me track my opportunities from lead through sale to fulfillment, allows me to view this information in reports that help me plan my business, and much much more.

How do you manage your contacts? Your sales? Your data? SalesForce is definitely one of the big players and they run specials from time to time that you just can not beat.


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In the interest of full disclosure, the links to the services that are recommended here are my affiliate links. None of these companies have approached me to advertise these services/products for them – I use them myself and believe in their products. If you use the links provided, you will also be able to save some money on your purchase or subscription to these services/products.
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