Phase One acquires Expression Media – Free Software Offer! 

 May 26, 2010

By  Pascal Depuhl

Phase One just announced the acquisition of Expression Media.

Phase One is a company based in Sweden, that creates the worlds greatest high end digital backs and a phenomenal RAW image processing software. In my opinion it is the best digital processor available today. I have use their software for years now and am thrilled at the results.

Expression Media, formerly iView, is one of the best image cataloging systems available. It was bought up by Microsoft a few years ago, but has been sitting around their proverbial shelf – just try to find a page that let’s you download an update to Expressions Media – and you’ll know what I mean. Expression Media however keeps track of your digital collection (photos, videos, files, …) and knows where every file is – be it online = connected to your machine – or offline = detached from your computer. It manages all of your metadata, comments, rating, keywords, … all the things that Capture One did not do.

Find out how to get FREE Expression Media or Capture One software!

If you own either Capture One or Expression Media, Phase One has a special offer that gives you the other software package for free until the end of June. So if you own Capture One, you get Expression Media for free and vice versa.

How do you get the free software? Find out after the bump!

Capture One allows you to process all your RAW files, be they captured on Phase One backs, digital SLR’s – such as Canon or Nikon and even your TIFF and Jpeg images that were converted somewhere else. It is a powerful program, but always has been lacking the ability to catalog and database image libraries.

Expression Media, on the other hand, does no image processing, but is fantastic at keeping track off all your images in it’s library. Peter Krough, introduced me to this piece of software in his book ‘The DAM book’ and I had – at the time – purchased iView (before Microsoft purchased it). When that purchase happened, I was afraid that this program was just going to fall into obscurity, as Microsoft had not done much in terms of upgrading it in the years that followed their purchase.

Needless to say I was thrilled to read on the ASMP blog this morning, that Capture One had acquired Expression Media. I look forward to a nice integration between the two products giving Capture One the cataloging features that it was lacking when compared to Adobe’s Lightroom or Apple’s Aperture.

The marriage of these two software suites, will blow their competitors out of the water.

To find out how you can get a copy of Capture One for free (you must own Expression Media or iView) or how to get a copy of Expression Media for free (when you own Capture one), click here to be taken to their special offer page.

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