The Chatter about ‘Chatter’ 

 November 21, 2009

By  Pascal Depuhl

Wow! I just saw something incredible that’s coming soon!

We all use social media to keep in touch with our clients, contacts, suppliers, … at least we try to. The question is always how to integrate Twitter, my facebook page, LinkedIn, … with our webpage and our business, our billing and our contact management system. But if you’re like me, we have a handful of applications, websites, clouds, … and try to piece this all together, automating as much as we can to get them to talk to each other. My blog has my twitter and facebook feed; my facebook feed shows my tweets, the website captures lead information into my CRM and my contact database syncs on my computer, my phone and the internet.

But there are still many components that I need to look up and log into. My cloud based CRM does a nice job of keeping all my marketing and sales information together in one place, my social networking presence is webbed together loosley; but that’s just me – just Photography by Depuhl, my commercial photography company.

What if all of that information was in one place?

That would be awesome and make me more productive, by eliminating information slipping through the cracks. Now what is on top of all of my information all of the relevant information of my clients, partners, suppliers and crew would be on the same feed, kind of like a facebook for business? If this service gave me the ability to compartmentalize the information that my contacts see in their feed, to limit it to the relevant information they need and vice versa that they would be able to send me only the information that I need to see?

Of course all of this would have be super secure – since we all share proprietary information with our business partners and clients.

Enter Chatter – salesforce’s newest idea that is rolling out next year. It does just that, combining all of the information of your CRM with your social networking sites, and so on. As you know, I put all of my CRM (Customer Relationship Management) into the cloud about a year ago and it has made me more productive. This will combine even more sources into one live feed where my people, my apps and my data all talk to me.

Stay tuned for more on how I am going to get this done.

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    Pascal Depuhl

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