9 years ago

LinkedIn for your company

LinkedIn has been around for a long time as a great place to keep track of your contacts as we all move through life. We go from college to work and move from company to company, many times our email addresses are ‘my_name@the-old-company.com‘ , so unless you’re a close personal friend, i.E. someone I know another email address of, I am not able to stay in touch.

My view on accepting facebook friends and twitter followers is very much looser than my LinkedIn network. LinkedIn are the people I have worked with, want to work with, should be working with – but they are people that are real contacts that are valuable for my business.

Photography by Depuhl on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has now taken it a step further: they have introduced the ‘company’ page, a place where you can talk about your products and services, your employees and where people can follow news about your company. Pretty cool. Oh – if you’re on linked in, you can follow Photography by Depuhl on LinkedIn.

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