Photographing flowers on location for a B2B vendor. 

 December 15, 2009

By  Pascal Depuhl

A picture is worth 1,000 words. A photograph can describe and show a concept much faster than a paragraph. We, humans, are wired to be able to instantly take in visual information – it does not need to be translated into another language, anybody can view an image.

My newest client supplies Costco online with flowers and plants, that are delivered in bulk i.E. plain boxes, where the flowers are wrapped in clear plastic. I was tasked to communicate not just the beauty of the flowers (you can see a cute shot of my daughter holding 100 tulips here), but also how many individual bouquets, centerpieces, … come in a shipment, how the plants are protected in shipping and how they may be used.

Take the following product shot:


You can purchase these in lots of 9 from Costco online.

The box you get delivered by FedEx is a plain brown box that contains 9 of these centerpieces designed for B2B (hotels, restaurants, …) that want the ease of unpacking the flowers and placing them on a table, without having to build the arrangement from scratch. The above shot captures the beauty of the flowers as well as the quantity.

Even though I don’t have to translate this picture into another language, I do have to translate the story that the client wants to communicate.

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    Pascal Depuhl

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