Photography by Depuhl announces: “We’re a favorite place on Google” 

 December 14, 2009

By  Pascal Depuhl

On December 8th, 2009 Google rolled out a program called “Favorite Place on Google“. The search company has send out the decals free of charge to over 100,000 businesses in the U.S. and I am pleased to announce that Photography by Depuhl has been selected by Google to be one of these selected businesses. According to D’ Technology Weblog, Google picked the businesses, that’ve been most sought out and researched on Google.com and Google Maps

We're a favorite place on Google
We’re a favorite place on Google

Photography by Depuhl has been found in their business listings over 6500 times in the July-September, as per Google’s letter that was included with the Favorite window decal. All of these results have been organic results with no PPC advertising done for the company. Incidentally this has been the best quarter my commercial photography business has ever had, in spite of the economy.

The favorite program takes Google search into the real world, where you can scan a companies barcode on their window decal and instantly see their profile on Google maps.

Android Central calls it a type of status symbol that local businesses can strive for. (…) If you see the QR code, you know you’ve stumbled across a good thing. Basically, Google is helping us determine and learn what the hottest spots around us are.

You can download QuickMark’s mobile barcode reader here iTunes Link to read the barcodes on the decals. If you can not capture the QR code you can click here to see the site it links to (remember this will display directly on the mobile phone).

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